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AGOBOT.RL Information  
Threat Name: AGOBOT.RL  
trojan allowing access to the infected computer, also sends files via FTP, steals computer system information, sets up a HTTP proxy server, performs denial of service (DoS) attacks, downloads and runs files from the internet, logs in to MS SQL servers and sends EXEC commands to open a command shell, terminates and disables various anti-virus and security related programs More Information  
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Trojans or Trojan Horses are programs that appear to be innocuous even beneficial, but in fact, are harmful!. Much like the historical trojan horse, these programs appear favorable to you but in reality make your system more vulnerable to attacks and malware. The harmful contents could be anything from a virus to a remote pc or server. Trojans are designed to cause loss or theft of data, and or system destruction. Trojans can be distributed as email attachments, or bundled with other software programs.


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