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Welcome to SpywareData.Com

Our website has different sections that will help educate users at all levels, about spyware and adware for it’s identification and removal.

System Spyware Interrogator -- SSI for short, is our FREE anti-spyware application which scans a computer for all known parasites. The unique thing about SSI is that it also finds unknown parasites.

To get started, simply download SSI from this link. Once you have downloaded SSI follow the installation instructions then simply click "Analyze" inside of the application. Your system scan will be immediately compared to our real time malware database and the findings presented to you for removal.

The forums are designed so that our seasoned technicians and members can be made available to you and can address any Spyware or Adware related questions. Got a question? Simply post it in the forum, we are here to help!

For those who wish not to attempt manual removal of the “parasites” check out our antispyware software with real time database communications. We call it “TriSnap”. To learn more go to

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