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Spyware Related Links  
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Spyware Tutorial Links
It's our own little links section for tutorials on spyware removal.

Spyware uses ActiveX for installation
See how to set higher security for Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE)—

Information about Spyware and it purpose
An informative site that describe spyware and it features. There are also tips on how to remove them

An online guide to spy and anti-spy software
The Spyware Guide was created to provide an all inclusive and updated resource on spy ware applications, what they do and how they’re used.

Removing Spyware and Adware from Your Computer
Another site that offer tips on removing spyware.

A Guide to Finding Spyware and Removing it
Intresting spyware statistic and it infection on user computer.
Protect your privacy and your valuable personal information from the threat of malicious spyware by purchasing a spyware and adware remover.

Anti Spyware Resources
The anti spyware authority : The one stop place to protect your PC against spywares dangers. Review, download links, directories and usefull info on spyware and anti spyware tools.

Free Spyware Adware Removal - Anti Spyware Remover Software
Free spyware removal & remover software. The removal of spyware is easy with our free anti spyware removal software. Spyware software slows down your system and without spyware removal software, your system will continue to run slow with spyware and adware software.

Spyware Gone
Your free resource for the removal of Spyware and Adware. At Spyware Gone you will find links to everything you need to scan, detect, locate, and remove Spyware and Adware from your computer.

Claria (Gator software) considered a parasite
See why many people think the Gator software is spyware. Find a better alternative here—

Absolutely - Articles, Tools, News, and More!
Features articles on how to remove adware, spyware, viruses, worms and SPAM, and also has some useful network tools.

An informative forum on everything from security holes, trojans and their patching/removal to securing machines against spyware.
CEXX.ORG's spyware information is often used by computer tech-support folks and helpdesks to help users treat spyware-related problems.

Wilder Security Forums
Wilder Security Forums host several different Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware related forums. Well worth a peek.

Spyware Warrior Forums
Very kewl forum. Say hi to suzi for us!

Net Integration
"Helping take the byte out of Malware". This is one very informative site folks.

Gladiator Security Forum
A forum that discuss tips and tools to remove spyware and how to prevent it in the future

Spyware & Malware Removal
This site is a good resource for tips on removing spyware and other malicious files.

Security Forums
The site created with the sole purpose of assisting anti-spy and adware software creators in discovering potential or new pieces of spyware.


McAfee VirusScan
This program will detect virus on user PC.

AVG 7.0 Anti-Virus System - Trial Version
AVG Anti-Virus 7.0: all Editions now support trial versions! The fully functional product is available for you to try with no obligation for a period of 30 days.

Avast Anti-Virus Home Edition
Another Anti-Virus Protection software for home user.

Protector Plus 2000 Anti-Virus
This evaluation copy of Protector Plus 2000 antivirus software for Windows 95/98/Me can be downloaded FREE of cost. This is a fully functional 30 day evaluation copy.

AntiVir Personal Edition
The AntiVir Personal Edition offers the effective protection against computer viruses for the individual and private use on a single PC-workstation.

F-Prot Anti-Virus for Dos running under Window
F-Prot Antivirus for DOS is the perfect tool for all users, both professional and private. It is easy to use, with a simple yet practical interface that offers great flexibility for the user, but can be run in command-line mode as well. The user can scan floppy disks, local hard drives or network drives as well as individual folders and files.

F-Secure is the worlds largest non profit anti trojan website.

Fprot Anti-Virus

Virus Scan HQ
Everything about scanning for viruses and spyware.


Computer Repair
You can find free tutorials on how to fix your computer errors.

computer hope

MVPS Practically Nerd

Microsoft Technical Information


Sygate Personal Firewall
Sygate's personal version of their award winning firewall software

Free personal edition of ZoneLab's firewall.

EZ Armor Security Suite
This is a firewall and antivirus programs combo to help secure your PC.

Tiny Personal Firewall


Favorite Software - Review & Download the best software(s) for your PC.

Cat Information - Website about cats and nothing but cats (breed, adopting, information and more).

V7ndotcom Elursrebmem


Maximum protection for web applications and enterprise security
We help businesses proactively secure customer and corporate information, protect web sites, prevent identity theft and block potential threats from malicious hackers.

TomCat Internet Solutions
Folks, you have to check out this site. TomCat has an amazing amount of information on privacy, security, anti-virus, spyware, etc. A very valuable resource for everybody.

Calendar of Updates security portal
The Calendar of Updates security portal is dedicated to tracking the latest developments for protective updates as well as evolving threats. We are dedicated to providing timely and quality information to our user community through a volunteer network of highly experienced IT professionals.

Free Spyware Removal Resources
Free Spyware Removal - Free spyware removal resources. The removal of spyware is easy with our free anti spyware removal software. Spyware software slows down your system and without spyware removal software, your system will continue to run slow with spyware and adware software.


Bitdefender Online Anti-Virus Scan
Latest BitDefender virus detection technology - free and accessible from anywhere in the world through an Internet browser.

Command on Demand
Command on Demand™ is an on-demand anti-virus scanner for web users that provides the latest technology for preventing the spread of computer viruses. Command on Demand (COD) is easy to use. Just select a file or folder and click scan to detect and disinfect any virus-infected file.

Dialog Science AV Scan
It is simple and absolutely free. You upload your files from your browser and they are immediately scanned by the latest version of Dr.Web® anti-virus with with the most recent virus definitions loaded. The scan report is then returned to you.

Free online Virus Scan
If you discover a suspicious file on your machine, or suspect that a program you downloaded from the Internet might be malicious, you can check the files here.

Free online virus scan from Kaspersky
If you discover a suspicious file on your machine, or suspect that a program you downloaded from the Internet might be malicious, you can check the files here.

Panda Software
Panda ActiveScan is a powerful online antivirus that scans your computer for viruses, free of charge, with just a simple click from your browser.

RAV AntiVirus Online Virus Scan
You can scan and clean your PC of viruses and other malwares here; free of charge!


Child Monitoring Software
The best source for parental monitoring software. Allows you to track what your kids are doing online at any given moment. You can even see what they are chatting about in Instant Messaging programs like AIM or MSN. Highly Recommended!


Google Toolbar
This is a toolbar by Google that will stop popups.

MSN Toolbar
MSN Toolbar design to stop pop up Ad.

Yahoo! Toolbar
A Pop-Up stopper tool from Yahoo

Tadow Toolbar
Get rid of Pop-Up with Tadow Toolbar

PopOops Pop-Up Blocker
PopOops is a small and easy to use program that blocks popup windows in Internet Explorer.

Windows Shades 2.0 Pop-Up Blocker
Window Shades is an Internet Explorer© plug-in used to filter pop-up windows. It allows you to filter all pop-up windows or use advanced features such as per site filters.

Popthis Pop-Up Stopper
Pop This! is a small, effective, and intelligent anti-popup software product that can kill annoying popup windows automatically. The software is completely free, easy to install and easy to use.

Hitware Pop-Up Killer Lite
Hitware Popup Killer Lite is a FREE intelligent pop-up and pop-under ads killer. Running in the system tray Hitware Popup Killer Lite

Ask Jeeves Toolbar
Another Pop-up Toolbar provided by Ask Jeeves

Pop-Down Blocker
Another application intend to stop Pop-Up


Advanced System Optimizer V2
The new Advanced System Optimizer V2 is an all in one system performance and optimizer suite. It Includes 30+ tools to supercharge your PC performance. It comes along with Windows and Memory Optimizers, Icon Manager, Tools to beautify Windows, and many other utilities.


Stop Spam
Tips on how to stop spam.

SpamButcher is effective spam control
SpamButcher is a software application which controls spam. It can eliminate up to 98% of spam.

Qurb spam control 2.0 for Outlook and Outlook Express
Qurb blocks 100% of spam, installs in minutes and works immediately.

Safe Anti Spam Software
To get rid of spam and protect your innocent emails. Give this application a try

Mailwasher Spam Control
MailWasher Pro is free to use and won't ever expire. Extra options are available if you want to upgrade, and these are free for you to try.

EFormX Spam Control 1.x
Control Spam in your Online Hotmail Account without building a list of keywords or Email Addresses to block


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