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About SpywareData.Com  

Before we talk about us, lets discuss my history and beliefs about Spyware, after all that's what brought you to this site anyway. My Anti-Spyware back ground is extensive and until recently I was unable to discuss any of my personal and professional accomplishments.

My Spyware related accomplishments:

  • Developed and coded AOL's first Anti-Spyware program (ASP).
  • Developed and coded Aluria's Anti-Spyware program (ASE).
  • From early 2003 to August 2004 provided Aluria and AOL with support on signature files and updates to AOL and ASE.
  • Created an Advanced Spyware research tool I call SSI in May of 2004.
  • Designed and created Trisnap Software the latest in the fight against Spyware.
  • Designed as an educational tool for all levels of spyware research and information.

Its no secret that this entire spyware industry is driven by you the user and the quest for your money and/or information (which, in this age of information and technology equate to money): Spyware developers create evil little programs to rob you of your information and seek control of your internet freedom. Anti-spyware developers create software to identify and delete those evil programs, and you the user sometimes end up paying the price to both parties.

The quest for your money has even created evil companies that pretend to be anti-spyware and then plant spyware on your system to trick you into believing you need them, how wrong can that be.

The reality of all this is that the Spyware versus Anti-spyware market is driven by the creation and identification of files called "signature files." (Like a human finger print, every computer file has its own identity and there can be only one like it) The bad guys build "unsafe" files, using numerous ways to attack you and dropping them seeming at will. In the mean time the good guys have to sift thru all signatures files created daily to find maybe that one new one released today. No wonder we seem to be loosing the battle.

[It should be noted here that Anti-spyware programs are only as good as that company's ability to find, identify and then let the software program residing on your system know what to look for (updates)].


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