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System Spyware Interrogator (SSI) Results  
Scan ID is: 664444    
SSI Version: 3.1.26    
Analyzed Files: 0    


This is your summarized report of what SSI found on your system. All items that have been analyzed and are safe are not displayed.

Items that are known to be a threat are displayed in red and should be removed.

You may see items below that are obviously safe. This is because our technicians have not analyzed that exact file at this time. Our technicians will further analyze all data below and appropriately assign each item a threat level. This process can take just a few minutes during normal working hours and up to 1 day and longer on the weekend.

To ensure an accurate threat designation, when SSI prompt's to upload files please allow it.

Scan again within 24 hours to view an updated report.

Click on each of these items for more information.

Congratulations! According to the information in our database, you have no active Malware.