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System Spyware Interrogator (SSI)  

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Current Version: 3.1.26

System Spyware Interrogator (Tech Edition) is our newest version and is designed specially with technicians who have to deal with spyware on a regular basis, while continuing to deliver the all much-requested functionalities for typical users with a manual removal process. Tech Edition offers new Alternate Directory Scans, File Hash Generation, Intelligent Hijackthis log parser, and a memory process killer.

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Installing SSI
Installing SSI is not a difficult task at all. Our installer program makes the process smooth. All you have to do is tell us where to install it and if you want icon shortcuts in the start menu or desktop.

Installation Tutorial

Using SSI
Using SSI is quite simple and straightforward Once the scan is complete all you need to do is click analyze results and ensure that any popup blocking software is disabled. Also be sure your internet settings are not blocking, for instance a restricted site in your Internet option -> Security settings or another software firewall you might have.

Using SSI Tutorial

Identifying Items
Help us out! If you know what the unknown entities are or you think we were wrong about labeling a certain file as a parasite, you can tell us this via SSI and we can take a closer look at the file in question. This way we can maintain accuracy in scans and you will be helping others identifying parasites and problems. This is what the icons under report mean on your results page. Of course, if you don't understand your results page, you can always post questions on our forums for help.

Understanding SSI Results

Thank you for using SSI. We hope it meets your needs and ensures the utmost security of your personal computer. We here at are doing our best to provide the tools and information you need to prevent any spyware or malicious software from exploiting your system.



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